Reveal A Secret Thursday VII, Beep BEEP BEEEEEP

this week’s reveal a secret involves the rev’s fondness for a certain auto feature.  underused in the midwest, overused in the east and west, the car horn is helpful to ward off accident, scare away small creatures, or toot hello or goodbye.  the rev, however, has interpreted his car horn to be an excellent noisemaker for any small event, be it driving through a parking lot, down a quiet street, past an innocent jogger, or in the middle of the freeway with nary a car nearby.  i have illustrated below what i am always convinced will be the result of this action; this amuses the rev to no end, which fuels his beeping addiction and therefore my paranoia.  a vicious circle.  enjoy my macromedia fireworks drawing skillz below.  and fyi, we’re wearing sunglasses in the picture, this apparently caused confusion with the rev who asked why i made him asian.


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