the look of my living room right now.  i have a lot of crap.  but i mean, i got most of my clothes into those three suitcases!  and all of my kitchen stuff into only like 6 boxes!  all in two days of solid packing.  now the rev is en route via greyhound – he arrives at 5:30 am, we pick the truck up at 8 am, load all the live long day, and then it’s my last dinner in kansas city at my favorite place here in midtown, birthday presents and cake at my mom’s, a long night’s rest, and then WE’RE OFF!

also as a mini reveal a secret on col tempo, i am just as OCD as the rev (why we get along so well…).  i have been hyper organized while packing, and have been labeling my heart out on every garbage bag and every box full of stuff:

um yes.  my purses and one lonely robe take up an ENTIRE garbage bag.  sad commentary, or fashion statement?  you decide.

every bag has a hang tag, every box has a location label in the bottom left, contents in top right, and notes (HEAVY, FRAGILE, VERY FRAGILE) across the middle.  then on the sides of each box, i use an H in a circle or an F in a circle to indicate heavy or fragile.  i am so OCD.  i’m not sure if it’s worth it but i just wanted to make this a smooth process.  excited for the morning and the rev’s arrival and the subsequent superspeed process!


One thought on “ThisClose

  1. madreforte says:

    What about the help of your girly, but very strong sister who helped Rev move the 850 lb dresser down the narrow, slanted stairs?!? Where’s my mention…

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