Coming to You From the Dirty South

first of all, while i’ve been gone i received an award from my favorite central-missourian blogger, ourcrookedtree.  you can see my Brillante Weblog award over on the right.  i was BEYOND stoked to make her short list, and i would like to follow her rules and nominate seven other blogs for being totally Brillante:

1.  YourNeighborhoodReverend – ok shocking, and it’s kind of like insider trading or something, but he IS my absolute favorite blogger, and i get to say that i made him start writing.  also that i get to wake up with him every day…

2.  Finslippy – the most open and strong fellow wellesley woman blogger out there!

3.  Flotsam – she’s had a crazy year and i’ve lurked all the way through it, and i can’t be more impressed with her humor and handling of everything that’s gone down.

4.  kittypants – she updates on a monthly basis, but since i’ve got her number and her screenname, i get updates more often from my favorite librarian.

5.  laurenarcissus– SHE’S GONNA HAVE A BABY!!!! can you tell i’m excited?  keep track of her progress through pregnancyhood and all of her other musings.

6.  pedroinwyoming – well, he’s no longer in wyoming, but he’s a great writer and an old friend – fun to watch his new wanderings!

7.  Writ – i’ve sucked at keeping in touch with her since college, but erica’s a brilliant writer and photographer, and i can’t stop drooling at her food pictures!

8.  Pioneer Woman – just love reading another midwesterner’s point of view, especially when it’s funny, pretty, and entertaining.

thanks everyone, for keeping me extremely entertained all the time, and thank you to ourcrookedtree for nominating me in the first place.  i would add you in my list of links to the left, but i CANNOT figure out why wordpress won’t let me.  i’ll put the rev on the task tonight to get that straightened out.

and as for the move, i am here in memphis, i am officially registered and licensed and inspected and insured and halfway unpacked.  stay tuned for pictures of the apartment, which i will reveal upon completion of hanging pictures, posing knick knacks, and vacuuming…lots of vacuuming.

AND.  it’s Reveal a Secret Thursday, and this week i’m going to go with the fact that he believes, in his heart of hearts, that god ordained that toilet water must be blue.  i did not grow up with blue toilet water, and can take it or leave it.  i’m not totally sure of its benefits besides making my toilets look like the fake blue lake in the africa section of the kansas city zoo, but it was on his list of absolute priorities upon moving in.  let’s just say that that and lining our cabinets with that liner stuff were done before he ever slept in this place.  i guess it’s along the same lines of me NEEDING to make sure that every bathroom has a scent diffuser and a box of kleenex.  we all have our things…and apparently in the revtempo household those things are very clean, scented bathrooms.


3 thoughts on “Coming to You From the Dirty South

  1. Peter says:

    Thanks for the love!

  2. lauren says:

    thanks, katie! but now i actually have to like plug in my computer and write stuff… and stuff!

  3. Sounds like the rev may be a little neurotic…I love it! Thanks for sharing some great blogs too!

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