Finally, Pictures!

i have finally today gotten my act together enough to put together a post of a few pictures of the revtempo household, please enjoy:

the front dining room/library…i love my paisley pottery barn runner!

part of the kitchen…this was my best solution for a lack of storage…make pot lids a wall decoration.

the living room, and the reverend in his natural habitat.

accent wall in the living room, painstakingly painted by the two of us.
master bedroom…loving my light-blocking curtain, which let us sleep in til a lovely 11:30 am today.

and finally, the two of us in our cozy living room, blogging away in togetherness.  we are maybe nerds.


5 thoughts on “Finally, Pictures!

  1. Bee Repartee says:

    Very nice abode… came by via the Rev. Had to visit the “partner in crime.” 🙂

  2. scratchbags says:

    Well! A beautiful Home and Rev seems to be thinking quite a

  3. The Rev is posing right, or is he always so pensive? Love the place and the lid idea is great! So happy for you guys.

  4. coltempo says:

    he’s totally NOT posing…that is what he looks like when blogging, working on pictures, or checking he’s an intense computer user.

  5. LOVE IT! You 2 are purrrrrfect together!

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