Lack of Cable = Lots of Movies

currently we are stranded in our living room, cable-less on the main tv until (saints be praised, knocking on wood) the cable company arrives tomorrow.  in the meantime, we have been relegated to watching a string of dvd’s down here, and a more varied string of movies you would be hard pressed to find.  so far we have watched: indiana jones (all three classics); the whole nine yards; lock, stock, & two smoking barrels; edward scissorhands; memento; and, of course, anchorman.  these are all property of the reverend, and we’ve had fun having a commercial-less life for this past week.  really, though, i should get back to reading more often…at some point.

on a side note, we made these bagel sandwiches for dinner tonight, accompanied by pita chips & hummus, and HOT DANG they were good, give them a try!!


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