holy my bejeezus today is my one year blogiversary!  waiting for the cable man, i was cruising around blogs and started to wonder when my one year was….quick backtracking led me to realize that today, in fact, is the day!  of course, i blogged previously to this one, but Col Tempo was born one year ago out of my need to vent, for an outlet, for a place to muse and put pictures and talk to emptiness.  this time one year ago i was living at my mom’s after a not-so-fun breakup, by far at my heaviest weight on record, working in midtown KC at the museum, and most likely not a little bit depressed.  this was me then:

i was in bed a lot, and when i wasn’t in bed, i was retail therapy-ing.  or snuggling with babies therapy-ing.  now, however, i have spent a year out on my own in midtown KC with two roommates, quit my job at the museum, met an amazing man who makes me happy and loves me up, moved to a new state/sector of the country, got hired at a new place here, learned to like gin & tonics, dropped 20 pounds, cut my hair off, switched to a horizontal driver’s license, switched from blogger to wordpress, and have found a great deal of independence and learned a lot about what it takes to really make me happy rather than just make me content.  it’s been a big year, the 23 to 24 year old shift, and i’m eager to see what this next one brings.  happy birthday, little website!


3 thoughts on “I JUST REALIZED

  1. The Rev. says:

    Holy Hell, a year already?!

    Congratulations, my lady! (Hat tip)

    Quite a transformation you’ve made! (For the better, methinks….)

  2. scratchbags says:

    Congratulations:) and I like the usage ’23 to 24 year old shift’; I’ll be having my (not my blog) 23 to 24 year old shift in the coming week.;) Happih Burfday to your Blogh!

  3. Happy Blogversary! Sounds like an exciting year!

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