“G.D. IT!!” Reveal A Secret IX

“GODDAMMIT. REVEAL A SECRET!!!”  is what i just yelled across the kitchen as the realization hit me, of course, after i finished posting for tonight.  this is developing into a habit.

a brief one for this week: the reverend utilizes a body part for a musical instrument to my anguish, discomfort, and immediate gag reflex.  he has what he calls a “neck banjo.”  actually, we all have it, to my horror.  strain your neck muscles and you have some that stand out on the sides of your neck that you can pluck as one might the strings of a banjo.  and with much twanging, the rev does so often, or at least threatens to, just to force me to hurl myself across the room to stop his hand from reaching to pluck.  it grosses me out, to say the least.  gag.

what i got when i googled neck banjo.  apparently they are a real, non anatomical instrument.  i would prefer he just owned one of these.


One thought on ““G.D. IT!!” Reveal A Secret IX

  1. I wonder how many people acted this out for verification ☺

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