Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

things i have noticed about the south that are decidedly not normal in KC and/or boston:

–  men that keep the “Y” on the end of their names despite rather advanced age and profession.  maybe it’s the puritan left in them, but i’ve not yet met a new englander named bobby above the age of 7…unless he was a kennedy.

–  an accent so thick and rapid (don’t believe the southerners talk slowly party line) that i have to constantly, stupidly bleat for clarification.  i’m ok in person, since reading lips is a huge help, but put someone on the phone and i hahuhv absahlooootleh nao ideeuhh wuht yeew ahhuhr saayenn.  midwesterners have little to no accent (at least around KC), and yes people from boston have an accent but they just flatten everything out, you can still understand it.

–  southernbellity.  this is my noun to describe the perfect mani/pedis, perfect hair, perfect makeup, matchy matchy outfits, clickity clackity heels, and just the pulled togetherness that you find with the average southern lady.  i feel like such a slouch as a non foundation wearer/non hair poufer/non heel aficionado.  this noun also sweepingly includes eternal perkiness.  i am not eternally perky.  people from KC generally have a wryness, a kind of perma-sigh probably having to do with the lack of nearby beaches – we just have to suck it up and get by with nowhere to relax.  boston is so sarcastic, so guffawing and kind of elbow in your ribs, yelling across the street but mixed with a ton of high brow academia, they’re a bit far from what one might call perky.

more observations to come…why do i feel like i’m an anthropologist in a contemporary field?  i suppose most people feel that way when they move to a wholly new city and region, and i didn’t so much feel it in college since i was in the cozy wellesley bubble that was SO diverse and SO NOT boston that i got to kind of ease into new england.  this has been more of a plunk, welcome to the south!  GO.


2 thoughts on “Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

  1. The Rev. says:

    Beeah to calm ya nuhves?

  2. I bet you can find a way to get beyond all this ☺

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