Can You Pass the Brie?

i don’t have any pictures from the Crosby Stills Nash concert last night.  for one, i got lazy.  for two, it wasn’t allowed.  so that’s that…but i can describe for you the oddity of the crowd there to see this rather legendary band.  we were fortunate enough to have tickets to the “VIP” section of this open air show at the memphis botanical gardens, and had a covered table shared with a few other people.  it was a completely flawless night for memphis in august – low 70s, low breeze, low humidity, and we were comfortable under christmas lights strung from tree to tree.  looking around we began to notice our company…pete and i had gone in jeans and a “nice” tshirt, while apparently this concert presented itself as an opportunity to primp to others.  halter tops, summer dresses, four inch heels, polo shirts, pressed dockers, loafers peppered the lawn around us.  on the surrounding tables were heaps of cheese, grapes, wine, even an entire ham – we had brought budweiser, guacamole, and pico de gallo.  yet more frustrating than the frou frou crowd and their clothing and food choices was their treatment of the concert itself.  you got the impression that they considered themselves to be at a pleasant outdoor dinner party that was a great opportunity to chat, schmooze, network, and more, with this pretty great band to provide background music.  very few people actually even turned to face the stage, let alone paid attention.  i just felt bad for the group, and sure that this was not the group of people exactly that they were hoping to find as their fan base.  either way, they sounded great, and the atmosphere was so comfortable that i came close to drowsiness several times.  i hope to get back there again for another show – or to walk around the gardens.  pete and i went in january to walk the gardens, and i have to admit that that is probably not the best time to see the wonders of a botanical garden.  but i at least will take the time to look around and enjoy the wonders, in the same way that i spent the entire concert watching the stage and actually listening to the concert.  crazy thought.


One thought on “Can You Pass the Brie?

  1. I wonder how much CSN would charge to play a party in the backyard…sounds like that is what some thought they were getting.

    At least you enjoyed it! The garden sounds great; maybe we will make that a stop on our Memphis tour in a couple of weeks.

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