a face i miss from college – that of the smiley-faced potato.  he/she usually made a grand appearance at the wellesley tradition of midnight breakfast: a breakfast thrown by the college from 11 pm til 1 am on the night before finals begin, consecrated by the campus scream (a bloodcurdling, campus-wide united scream out of our dorm windows, supposedly to release stress from cramming).  i always got a load of smiley-faced potatoes, amazing sausage links, excellent french toast, and some fruit (“for health”).  the best part was reuniting with friends after a week plus of separation while studying and writing to be goofy and stuff face.  and the coffee.  the coffee ranked highly.  i have since spotted the elusive smiley-faced potatoes in some grocery stores in the frozen food aisle, and have yet to go hunting in memphis.  maybe this will be my weekend project…either way, i miss midnight breakfast, and might have to do this on a once-monthly basis.  this month has been covered, as we ended up at CK’s coffee shop at 1:30 am after the CSN concert.  why does breakfast taste that much better when it is dark outside?  riddle me that.


One thought on “Smile!

  1. Kate says:

    Why does breakfast taste so much better when someone else makes it for you? (Even if it means hiking across campus in the middle of the night.)

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