Reveal a Secret X, A Day Late

i didn’t actually forget this time…this time i just was tired and went to bed at 10 shortly after making and eating a late dinner.  the rev is arguing that now that it is friday it is Too Late and i should keep my secret to myself.  since i happen to have control over this blog, however, i am going to share regardless.

this is a late-breaking secret, as i discovered it on my own through extensive research the other night.  i get my huge kicks out of tickling the reverend to death occasionally – he laughs hysterically while screaming that HE DOES NOT WANT THIS HE DOES NOT LIKE BEING TICKLED PLEASE STOP HAHAHAHAHA, which in turn makes ME laugh hysterically.  during this most recent tickling session, i happened to tickle him in the belly button.  almost immediately, he doubled over begging me in a newly earnest tone of voice to PLEASE STOP CEASE AND DESIST, which i did.  he managed to squeeze out that he felt like my “finger could pass right THROUGH [his] stomach,” causing him to gag and squirm and shiver.  i have found his achilles heel, and it happens to be his belly button.  after proceeding to poke it two more times, i have now been banned from ever touching it again – and should i happen to hover my finger over it at any time he immediately leaves the room with hands up in protest and shaking his head.  to the two brothers of the rev, this information is my present to you.  use it as you must.


3 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret X, A Day Late

  1. That is awesome. My hubs feels the same about his belly button being touched…weird.

  2. michelle says:

    Haha thanks for the laugh! I was cracking up reading this.

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