Unrequited Love

i have this powerful love, of the inanimate object variety…i love LOVE calendars and address books.  technically, i love filling out calendars & address books.  my love is so strong that if i had a job where every new entry in an address book required me to fill out an entirely NEW book, i would happily toil away.  these loves stem from my foundational love of filling out forms.  i like to take my time, print carefully, and make it pretty.  so calendars and address books are, to me, a plethora of forms that i can not only fill out but even decorate!  thrilling!  seriously.  send me a calendar and a list of what you need in it, and i am ON IT.  need your address book redone?  i’m your girl.  i have beautiful printing, that of your average kindergarten teacher.  also if you happen to need a college application filled out, or something of equal length, may i?  sigh.  i need to apply for college again or something.


2 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. Katherine says:

    Katie, guess what I just got in the mail today? A notice that the Census Bureau will be sending me, yes, a survey! I have the same strange compulsion you do, so you can imagine my extreme excitement.

  2. lauren says:

    it must be a wellesley type-a personality thing or something. i love filling out forms too! i think it’s because it’s so satisfying to know you’re writing down the “correct” answers. also, i applied to college again. to community college, but then realized that i didn’t have time to go. i just wanted to fill out correct answers and have an identity, that is “student”. not unemployed, pregnant lady in sweats.

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