even though i was not tagged, i am taking up our crooked tree’s mantle to post Six Unspectacular Quirks about me (largely because i am bleary on a sunday morning and this is a cop out rather than me thinking up something to write about):

1.  i am addicted to chapstick.  if you were to currently take inventory, i have two sticks on my bedside table (i wake up in the middle of the night just to put it on), one in my pocket, one in my purse, and then 4 different lip glosses in a bag in my purse.  i cannot be without it, and if you put me in guantanamo, that is how you would get me to speak – deprive me of my chapstick.

2.  i have two earring holes pierced in each ear.  i received, for our six-monthiversary, a pair of diamond studs from the rev.  they have not left my second holes since march.  i should probably swing by zales and get them cleaned.  i like the thought that i wear something he gave me every day (in addition to carrying the purse he gave me every day).

3.  i have extremely (or at least i think so) long eyelashes.  photographic evidence:

while this appears glamorous, and is an attribute i know many women fake, it is not as fun when i am wearing these:

i have to wipe off my glasses about 47 times a day because my eyelashes brush up against them.  this is better, however, than the problem i had when i was little: treatment for my diagnosed “lazy eye” (my left one) included wearing a patch over my right eye to strengthen the left by forcing it to work.  i still shiver and gag thinking back to how my eyelashes would produce this dry, rasping scratch every time i blinked against that cloth patch, forcing me to attempt to not blink for as long as humanly possible.

4.  i frequently (in the rev’s absence, for he would throw a hissy fit were he present) listen to rap in my car.  loudly.  in my first car, i blew three of four speakers.  in my second, i caused an interesting crackle to develop in the speakers.  i’ve been more careful with this car.  i don’t know why i listen to it.  i think it’s funny and i like the beats, and it makes me want to dance.  in high school, living in johnson county, ks (a wealthy, predominantly white slice of the world), a friend dubbed me JC (johnson county) Thug for my tendency to listen to rap while i drove.  a jc thug by definition is one of Those White Kids that thinks they are hard.  i am not one, i would cry if someone tried to throw down with me, but i do love me the rap music.

5.  my addiction to coffee was late-blooming.  i would pin it down to second or third year of college.  probably second.  we were given 4 coffee choices plus hot chocolate in a bank of heaven in our dorm cafeteria, and i took to making half coffee, half hot chocolate concoctions to start my day.  slowly the chocolate proportion dropped as the coffee increased, and soon i was bellying up to the coffee bar, hand trembling, for 100% coffee to get me through 500 pages of reading on medieval governments.  i think i have coffee every day now.  and it is good.  this, by the way, is a good transition away from my high school caffeine source of choice: a 20 oz. mountain dew every morning.  makes my ulcer squeal just to think about it.

6.  i draw.  or, to be more clear, i CAN draw.  i did drawing all through junior high and high school, getting as high as you could within the program by senior year.  i competed in the art olympics in high school, i have one framed work of mine up in the house now, and i hope to teach my nephews about art and drawing and encourage them to use that as an outlet.  i am not especially good, but i enjoy it, and someday would like to pick the charcoal back up.  the work framed in this picture is mine…shout out to anonymous wellesley girl that i drew nude in class, and then had to awkwardly pass on the quad.


One thought on “Quirky

  1. How cute are you…and the two of you! My coffee addiction was late blooming too; like 5 months ago. Hubs gave me some studs when I finally finished my BS and I have not taken them out since. Your lashes are super fab.

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