scene: two enveloping pleather chairs in a borders bookstore, angled towards each other, mediated by a small occasional table. katie, seated with legs crossed (though secretly desiring to slip off her sandals and tuck her feet under her), reads yet another john irving book (how many are there???). pete, legs also crossed (with one foot tick tick ticking the air in his typical hyperactive manner) thumbs through and reads snippets aloud of born on a blue day, the story of a non-idiot present day savant.

borders employee: “ATTENTION BORDERS CUSTOMERS. It is 9:45 pm. [If you cannot tell time, I am helping you out here.] Borders will be closing in fifteen minutes. Please make your final selections and come to the front.”

katie: “you think we should roll out?”

pete: [inspecting head tenderly with two fingers, on the left frontal lobe section, a look of grave concern and confusion on his face.]

katie: “….do you think we should head out?”

pete: [poke. poke.]

katie: [raises eyebrow, gestures, in case he has lost the ability to understand english.]

pete: “i…i think this side of my head is bigger.” [appears confused but possibly excited by the thought.]

katie: [rolls eyes.] “sooo….should we head out?”

pete: “ha…yes.”


3 thoughts on “Annnnd…Action!

  1. The Rev. says:

    Well….it is.

  2. The Rev. says:

    And I’m not that hyperactive, thank you very much.

  3. my hubs has a knee thing it is always going up and down. pete must be a thinker and a doer ☺ love the visualtion!

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