I Think I Have a Slow Version Clock

there is nothing, NOTHING worse than a day before a three-day weekend.  a slow, creepy-crawly day that occasionally seems to have willfully reversed itself only to restart when you glare accusingly at the clock.  i was sleepy to start with today, and we had some rather unfortunate excitement this morning (it involves smashed glass, a missing satellite radio, and a day spent in a repair shop for the rev) that elevated my energy level temporarily only to have it crash back to reality when i got to work.  i spent the day blearily waiting for it to end, and my sustained levels of tiredness have induced me to stay home tonight while pete hits the town with friends.  plus, i’m full on this amazing veggie curry i made tonight, as well as allegedly a half a pint of dove chocolate brownie something something heaven ice cream.  (PS IT IS COVERED IN A LAYER OF DOVE CHOCOLATE GANACHE IT IS AMAZING ASDFKLN.)  off to a sugar coma/good night’s rest.


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