Photo Tour Catch Up

first of all, this is how my weekend began (again)…flowers once again for no good reason.  beautiful, no?  i like when he spices up my flower repetoire with non-roses.  incidentally, my favorite flowers are non-roses themselves…i’m a huge fan of gerber daisies.  a good dozen and a half tulips aren’t half bad either.  this is not meant as a non-subtle non-rose hint.  flowers are flowers.

second, i would just like to place into evidence Exhibit A.  conclusive evidence.  ladies, i would like some support over here too…

labor day saw the inception of The Reverend’s Grand PatioScaping Plan, Labor Day 2008.  he decided, for some reason, to deconstruct the artfully overgrown mint off of our back patio, thoughtfully left to us by our previous residents.  once deconstructed, the sad plot of dirt left much to be desired, and thereby began The Plan.  The Plan included a “privacy screen” of foliage, which neither of us much wanted to blow money on.  a short time later, the rev turned to me from a grove of rogue bamboo in germantown (literally next to train tracks), wielding a giant set of shears and asking me to please drag the 10′ tall cuttings across the tracks and back to the car.  above is my view of the driver from the passenger’s seat on our rapid drive home (fearful of what might occur should a policeman approach and then see into the vehicle).

and an aerial shot of the rev clearing the patch in preparation for the bamboo, which has since been installed and liberally watered.  this is where i will leave you…watch for pictures.

(ps i know, i know.  this time i ACTUALLY forgot to do a reveal a secret.  i don’t know what is going on with me and the non-blogging, but i am newly resolved to blatantly ignore the boy in the house for a brief time each night to get back in the swing.  keep me accountable.)


3 thoughts on “Photo Tour Catch Up

  1. At least the toilet looks nice & clean! 😉

  2. Toilet seat request for support, duly noted and respectfully given. Tape up a sign with an arrow. Visual aides are always helpful.

  3. coltempo says:

    olga: seriously, that’s a compliment. this household is possibly overly obsessed with cleanliness, so i’m glad the toilet holds up under photographic scrutiny.

    brazen: thank you for your support! i like the sign idea, and am thinking of taking a playboy centerfold, cutting her out in an arrow shape, and taping her to the wall…sure to get his attention and accomplish my goal.

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