Efficient Eve

we hit the ground running tonight, finally tackling a to-do list of mine (and this is just one of many) that has been looming and depressing me lately.  we vacuumed the entire house, i dusted all wood surfaces, we took out garbage from all 5 garbage cans (4 mini bathroom size ones), did the dishes, wiped down all kitchen counters, planted four solar-powered outdoor lights in the bamboo grove, and generally straightened up the house.

then pete’s aunt and cousins (fleeing gustav and his resultant power outage) stopped by for a visit to see the new place, bearing gifts:

gorgeous flowers, and a basket brimming with fruit and CHOCOLATE.  lots of fresh fruit, which i instantly ferried off to the fridge – i belatedly realized i wanted a picture of the basket.  but there was also CHOCOLATE.  good mix for this household.

now we’re relaxing with john & kate plus 8 (i am 97% sure the rev will categorically deny he watches this with me, and not only watches but discusses and exclaims – often in horror but sometimes in glee), and the rev has once again hit the cold level that inspires pillow piling:

off for more relaxation.  very nice, cozy night we’ve had here at chez revtempo, enhanced by the steady soaking rain going on outside (making the rev and the bamboo extremely happy).


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