today the rev lost a family member.  not immediate family, but local family.  we’d appreciate any good thoughts, vibes, prayers, trips to your shaman, or whatever it is that you feel like doing.

backlash from yesterday’s post has been occurring in the revtempo home, with many a stomp and a pout and a “i DO NOT flirt!  i don’t!  i’m just being nice!”  it has been a fairly easy backlash to weather, though, since this occurs every time we go out and i poke him in the ribs and tease him about being a flirt.

we have a pet!  its name is alo e. vera.  he is green, viscous when cracked, and rather immobile.  he likes his new bowl and table though, and dwells on a side table in the living room.

i have been ATTACKED.  the insect population of memphis has unleashed its powers to wreak havoc upon me – consequently, i have approximately 27 bug bites of various natures covering my arms and legs.  the majority appear to be chigger bites, courtesy of our trip of illicit bamboo thieving.  there are several mosquito bites thrown in for some spice.

we have (eco-friendly) outdoor lighting!  solar paneled spotlights will be installed tomorrow to uplight our bamboo grove and make our outdoor living space a bit….well, brighter.  only one more apparently vitally necessary thing to pick up for the patio: citronella.  in all and many forms.


2 thoughts on “Smatter

  1. Sending {{{hugs}}} & uplifting thoughts your way………..

  2. The Rev. says:

    Al O’Vera, you mean?

    He’s of Irish descent.

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