Our New Favorite Dinner Pt. 1

we’ve been eating largely vegetarian at home (more for health than for concern for animals – we like meat), and i prepared a dinner two nights ago that was requested again tonight.  the cast of characters: yellow squash, zucchini, yellow pepper, green pepper, and fresh (straight from a whole) pineapple.  before putting the veggies in the pan, i sprayed it down with a good canola oil spray.

this sauce is indispensable.  great flavor, good kick, easy to use.  give it a try.

my spice grouping: onion powder, cloves, ground mustard, ground ginger, garlic salt, and ground black pepper.  while the rev likes his food VERY spicy, i usually just put a bottle of sriracha sauce next to his plate and that takes care of that.  no additional insane spice necessary in the cooking stage, and the stir fry sauce above has quite the kick on its own.

and lemon juice.  i’d prefer real, but we forgot to pick up any citrus at the store.

veggies and pineapple with spices.  i just kind of…liberally cover them.  no measurements.  squeezed a bunch of lemon juice on there too, i would say about three rotations around the pan.

i dollop on the sauce next…i am pretty sure dollop is not a verb, but let’s not get into semantics.  i try to keep the amount just right, because it is a flavorful and spicy sauce so i don’t need a ton, though if i use too little it gets dry.  once it starts going, the pineapple juice will seep out a bit and add some moisture too.

and i’m going to leave you hanging there for tonight, as if i used all of my pictures tonight this post would be 18′ long and you would fall asleep by the end.  until tomorrow….


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