Our New Favorite Dinner Pt. 2

ok back to the dinner.  for two people, one cup of rice is just about perfect.

dump it into a pot.  there is not much more to this step than that.

use two cups of water on your rice & crank the heat to high to bring it to a boil.  if possible, make sure you have dirty cutting boards in your sink.  on the plus side, my nails look nice.

take a break to go outside at the rev’s insistence that you come see the finished and in place spotlights with buried cords and solar panel in the bamboo grove.  exclaim, proclaim its greatness, clap.  go back to cooking dinner.

oh shiz you’re about to boil over!  important technique: blow on it.  turn the heat down to 2, and cover.

now you’re cooking!  on a dirty stove!  woo!  stay tuned for the rest of this completely ridiculously easy meal…


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