Our New Favorite Dinner Pt. 3

ok back to dinner, hopefully it isn’t seared to dust after a day’s delay.  stir!  get some nice browning on the veggies and pineapple, and don’t let the sauce get all gloppy and burned on the bottom.  i also enjoy the slide the pan around on the burner quickly technique – it evens out the distribution of food in the pan quite handily.

ok this is pretty much done.  turn to low just to keep warm, and give it a quick stir/toss before serving.

salad time.

i like green leaf lettuce.  really, i like romaine lettuce, but the rev has gently stated his preference for non-red lettuce.

chopped up super ripe tomatoes.  i will very soon bemoan the lack of good tomatoes as winter descends.  i HATE pink tomatoes.

shoot dang.  this always happens.  in this black hole corner of my kitchen, one piece of vegetable or fruit or chunk of rice or something ALWAYS ends up on the floor.  it is unavoidable.  how forlorn does that piece of cucumber look?  never to be featured upon a salad.

good thing, though, because the other cucumbers fit on the plate just right without him.

these are our current favorite dressings.  since photographing, these dressings have gone to dressing heaven, after gracing our salads and palates for a full month.  of note: ken’s steak house, the original, is on route 9 in framingham, ma, about 10 minutes from wellesley.  i never went.

dinner all plated – i love our blue glass plates, they make food look pretty!

my bad, guess i should stop taking pictures of dinner and actually serve it.  he waited pretty patiently as his food approached room temperature.


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