In His Honor

in honor of the one year anniversary of the beginning of his blogging obsession, i’m going to give you both ten seconds and one whole minute LIVE with the rev, via video.  these clips may provide some small insight into his character, or at the very least, a few laughs.  enjoy:

this first one i’ll call the hotel addendum – the one and only video i’ve captured of the rev in his favorite habitat…

and as for this full minute with the rev, there isn’t much i can really say to explain this.  this was last night, in our living room, and i pulled my most frequently successful trick on the rev: he thinks i’m taking a picture, whereas in reality i am filming every nose hair.  he thinks he’s posing for a picture, and here’s a little glimpse into the vanity that is the rev, as well as the GRAND DEBUT of our favorite neighborhood character, Bartleby.  Bartleby first appeared right around our fourth of july trip, and the voice has reappeared on a daily basis in our life – hope you like him:

happy one yearsie, rev!


One thought on “In His Honor

  1. The Rev. says:

    I’m quite proud of my hotel bed bouncing skills, thank you very much-

    I’ll have to double check with my folks that I wasn’t actually born in a hotel room, thus making it not only my favorite but my actual natural habitat.

    Every nose hair? Good Lord…sounds like I’ve got some grooming to do this eve.

    Thank ya dearly, ma’am!

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