Productivity Levels: 98%

since i’ve moved to memphis i have not often been in the house on my own.  this is not at all bad, because this usually means i am on the couch tickling pete to death, my favorite pasttime.  however, the few times i’ve been here on my own i have found that my productivity levels skyrocket.  when i first got here and pete was working and i was not, i almost singlehandedly set up and decorated the house, got all of my registrations and licensing and insuring done, and more.  tonight the rev is off working til late, and consequently i have managed to do laundry, clean and vaccuum, hang a bunch of art that was still laying around, clean out two closets, and eat way too much food while laying around after all of that.  not saying he inhibits my productivity but when he’s here the fun thing is to tickle him.  when he’s not here my funnest thing to do is clean.  maybe i just need to learn how to have more fun on my own…


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