i know that i’ve kind of gone missing, but as always i have an excuse (or excuseS) at the ready.  for one, i’ve been not on the healthiest side of life.  i had a serious, painful, no good & terrible bout of acid reflux three years ago, and it has returned with a vengeance.  on top of that, i was sick to my stomach for a couple of days, including one whole work day.  on top of that, my car got keyed last night.  AND pete’s.  so, that’s awesome.  does anyone else have random 5-10 person packs of 14-20 year old guys wandering their parking lots?  because for some reason we do, and apparently they are up to no good.  basically things are rolling along on a downhill trend.  tomorrow we fly to new orleans, and hopefully, that downhill trend will not end in a fiery crash.  because i am obviously an optimist.


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