I Am Back This Time, I Swear (Maybe)

i was in nola this past weekend with the rev, attending the funeral of his uncle and meeting his extended family (or those that i hadn’t yet met).  i hadn’t been to new orleans since katrina – i didn’t really expect to see much of it either, considering all of the family events we had going on, and i got about what i expected.  we did get to the french quarter, which looks to be thriving and fine, but driving out of it we did see some houses that still had those infamous spray painted notations on their boarded-up faces.  we drove past the demolished projects that stirred up so much controversy – now they’re just a wide-open plot.  but really, all we saw was a lot of dilapidation, a lot of boarded up windows and doors, some upended trees, and a good bit of construction.  not enough has been done for that city.  it’s so depressing that we’re willing to blow billions of dollars on attacking and “rebuilding the infrastructure” of a country around the globe from us, but unwilling to support our own citizens and recognize that they need safe and stable housing here.  so. lame.


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