Reveal a Secret XIII, On Nicknames

the man, he is a nicknamer.  i am too, and i probably am the one that gave him the green light to start rolling along that road.  i have many of my own for him, but here is a brief list of just a few of the names i am called both at home and in public:

– smallz

– smallzie pie

– smallz mcgee

– mcquillicutty

– mc q

– honeypuff

– shmadingodizzle

– smumf

– shmoopsy

and there are more, many more.  the latest, not-so-greatest, and most dubious award would have to go to “toots.”  and not the kind that rhymes with “puts,” but more along the lines of “boots.”  so i’ve taken to calling him pooter.  just because that seems fair.


2 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret XIII, On Nicknames

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow.. our nicknames are so boring. Honey, sweetie, sugar, baby, hot ass, etc.

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