Pitter Pat

we have a new houseguest.  her name is patsy, and she is soft and orange.  she is always wearing white socks and kind of has a little snore when she sleeps and purrs.  her claws in the front are still intact.  she’s only missing one generally crucial thing – a tail.  she has a nubbin, though, and it twitches with enough energy to make you think you see the rest of it swishing around.  she’s working on her courage, and has gained enough to sit by and on us, sometimes.  she’s polite and clean – quite compact, too.  i like her, and would keep her, but the rev is not the hugest feline fan.  if you happen to be in memphis, and want a sweetheart ten years young in a stable house, holler at me.


One thought on “Pitter Pat

  1. The Rev is a softy..I bet he will be snugglin up to her before you know it.

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