Reveal a Secret XIV, Purrrr

first of all, thanks for your well wishes on the health front.  i’m slowly recovering from what appears to have been an entirely acid reflux induced sickness, which is so beyond not fun i can’t even express it.

now, on to the rev.  remember how i said he’s not that much of a cat person, so i posted the little ad about patsy?  turns out patsy proved him wrong…

because this is what i came downstairs to this morning.  if pete’s body in any way, shape, or form creates a flat open space, patsy is on it and purring like a small motor.  and this technique has worked and worked well to worm her way firmly into his list of awesome things.  i am going to attempt this mode of attack the next time we’re in a fight.  maybe i can make this whole thing work for me.  either way, it looks like patsy might be here to stay.


3 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret XIV, Purrrr

  1. The Rev. says:

    I was asleep in the photo. I call shenanigans.

  2. coltempo says:

    you sleep with your eyes open now? creepy.

  3. The Rev. says:

    Gotta keep an eye on things.

    This is Memphis, ya know…

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