Weirdest. Night. Ever.

tonight we ended up at a late-night mexican dinner after seeing a friend perform in a band for a highschool play.  it was me, the rev, and two of his friends, and we were enjoying our outdoor taquitos and enchiladas when we happened to notice, two tables down, a very (very, very) drunk woman being challenged to do pushups on the patio floor, which she proceeded to do.  then her very (very) drunk friend challenged her, as their husbands looked on, to do a pushup-off.  being boys in their mid-twenties, my companions egged them on.  bets were placed and yelled out.  encouraged, the women did pushups until collapse.  unfortunately (or most fortunately, for one of our friends), the ladies commenced to join our table to drunkenly flirt, chat, and even grope (and i will place myself in the groped category).  the peak of this interaction was the blatant french kissing of our one friend by one of the women, as her husband looked on.  this was apparently his congratulations for his beating her husband in yet another pushup contest.  not only that, but our friend got his dinner purchased, by the other drunk woman and her husband.  another congratulations.  this was quite the night, and an atypical event for us at one of our favorite mexican joints.  i’m not sure what to think about it…overwhelming, to say the least – i practically jogged out of the place to get away from them.  no description.  so crazy.


One thought on “Weirdest. Night. Ever.

  1. I hate to admit I have been on both ends of a night that ended like that:) Fun for all!

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