Shameless Plug

we just went for lunch, so it’s on the top of my mind: there are many arguments, especially between the rev and i, about whose barbecue is better, kansas city or memphis, and which barbecue joint in each city is best.  for me, it’s jack’s stack in kansas city, but i’m biased – i grew up in that restaurant, literally, as my dad was a catering manager for them for years.  all the waitresses knew us (at the martin city location), we got free desserts and treats, and if we three girls go in to this day there is often a longtime waitress there who will recognize us and exclaim how big we are (i started going there when i was seven, to put it in perspective).  and their beans are, hands down, the best thing ever anywhere ever, ever.  try them.

but since i’m trapped here in the Land of Inferior Barbecue, i have made peace with the rev’s favorite bbq place here: the germantown commissary.  they make a mean pulled pork sandwich.  this is all i’ve had from the commissary really, but it’s good.  it’s no painted chicken tenders or prime rib from jack’s stack, but i’ll make do. 


2 thoughts on “Shameless Plug

  1. Sarah says:

    Ok, yes, the Commissary is good, but Jack’s Stack wins hands down. Sorry, Memphis!

  2. The Rev. says:

    Commissary all the way!


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