Reveal a Secret Thursday XV, Mr. OCD 2008

as i have revealed previously, the rev errs on the side of OCD when it comes to many, many things.  there have been two things especially that have lately come up time and again, forcing me to constantly do them to torment him.  for one, if i pull on his shirt in any way (a tug to come this way, a pull on the sleeve, even folding them to put them away), i get a “hey watch out you’re going to stretch it!!”  it is compulsive and not meant meanly, he’s just paranoid that after a plethora of tiny tugs the shirt will eventually become a tent and, consequently, he will look fat.


the other OCD tendency is that i am not allowed to rub his head in any vigorous manner, for it (in his mind) produces avalanches of dandruff to cascade on to his shirt.  ladies, we all know how tempting a buzzed head is, given we have the permission to touch it.  and i do have permission to do so, just gently.  so of course i try to sneak up on him, pull his shirt with my left hand and when he’s distracted vigorously rub the top of his head.  this is a good way to get me in trouble.


i want to make use of this new feature i just now found here, and institute a poll.  the question for today is:


3 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thursday XV, Mr. OCD 2008

  1. Bee Repartee says:

    I voted. 🙂 I think most tugs will be remedied by a round through the laundry.

    My Mr. Coffee’s Bald head=more places to kiss

  2. The rev needs the psych:)

  3. The Rev. says:

    My wardrobe is quickly becoming the consistency of pillowcases, I’ll have you all know…

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