13 Months

let’s trace back the months:

month one: i ventured down to memphis.  i felt like i was home every time i hugged him.

month two: we toured st. louis together, for the first time.  we said i love you, for the first time.

month three: i temporarily went insane, drove to memphis on a whim, and spent 30 hours with him before turning right back around.  this is the first time i met his parents, on one hour of sleep and with the insane story of my drive.

month four: we do kansas city in style at the beginning of the month.  at month’s end, i am in memphis again, ready for throwing down at the peabody’s new year’s party.  at the turn of the year, we share a kiss as balloons fall from the sky and Lord T & Eloise toss dollar bills off the stage into the crowd.

month five: another drive to the home of the king for me.  i allegedly speed to get there.

month six: this time he comes to me, and we spend a blissful weekend quietly.  it is over this weekend that i permanently convert him to the dark side: loving indian food like it is our job.

month seven: we spend easter weekend together in st. louis.  cold temperatures, misty snow, and even a recent theft don’t faze us in having another amazing time together.  tentative negotiations commence surrounding the concept of actually living in the same place.

month eight: the rev’s birthday!  i have mono, take the greyhound to memphis to be there, and am consequently entered into the awesome girlfriend hall of fame. 

month nine: he’s back in KC, and we’re back at the zoo.  i’m sick again, with bronchitis, but we still have fun.

month ten: another greyhound trip, this time without mono and with another road trip following: we hit the beach in gulf shores, AL for a ten day vacation.  i meet his extended family, all 342 of them.  we pick out an apartment.

month eleven: i move!  we join forces in household revtempo, installing ourselves comfortably into a two-bedroom townhouse in memphis.  nightly snuggling and two-person scrabble tournaments ensue.

month twelve: he surprises me with flowers & breakfast.  he gets entered into the boyfriend hall of fame.

month thirteen: we become foster parents – patsy snuggles her way into the rev’s heart.  i’m already there, and try to make room.

and now, in october, we celebrated thirteen months of togetherness with a trip out for indian food last night and a viewing of “baby mama.”  i arrived home to flowers last night, so he’s still firmly in the boyfriend hall of fame.  here’s to thirteen (plus infinity) more months!


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