Hypo Hype

i’m kind of a hypochondriac.  actually i’m completely one.  i can panic myself into sickness, make bronchitis manifest itself merely by worrying about it.  last night i went to a walgreen’s health clinic (generally and in this case as well a waste of time and money), because my throat had been sore for several days and though this always happens this time of year with temperature change and people turning on the dry dry indoor heat, i thought I MIGHT HAVE STREP.  MY THROAT COULD CLOSE WHILE I SLEEP.  so i went.


turns out i have post nasal drip, caused by god knows what, probably some allergy.  so i’m on an albuterol inhaler, to make sure that the drip doesn’t aggravate the lungs and give me bronchitis for the fourth time in a calendar year.  but while i was there and undergoing the usual diagnostic testing, the practitioner exclaimed over my low blood pressure.  so now i’ve been researching all day why i could have low pressure (it’s only 88 over 60, while they usually want you at the very least at 90 over 60).  i think i might be clinically dead.  worrisome.  the only plus side is that i worry myself into such a tizzy that my heart rate increases, and my blood pressure gets higher…healthy, i know.


3 thoughts on “Hypo Hype

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the comment. I have a sore throat now and I went get anitbiotics b/c I just KNOW I have strep.haha. I know what you mean…

  2. Bee Repartee says:

    All seriousness aside, that Albuterol should kick your low BP to the curb and take it up to a nice 220/150.

    Okay, really..I do hope you feel better. The nurse usually takes my BP and says, “Are you dead?”

    “Um…sure, if I don’t have to pay out of pocket for the visit.”

    Off topic, I’m always impressed by your reading list. Are you a Library-Thing-er or Reading Social-ite?


    if you are over there, do tell and I’ll make you a friend. I’m always up for a good read.

  3. coltempo says:

    i’m not on either of those sites (yet!). i’ll holla at you when i get on one…and my book list looks especially impressive this year because i vowed to try and read those books that you’re forced to read in school but really don’t get or appreciate because you’re too busy trying to find all of the answers to quiz questions. this project has been bigger than i anticipated, and is probably going to be permanently ongoing.

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