Political Thoughts


random things that i find important to keep in mind during the current election and as the government moves forward:

– palin & mccain have both stated, multiple times, that we should not look back but instead be looking forward.  this sounds great and optimistic and all, but there is no better place to find knowledge than in our history.  i want my leaders to be willing to look back – even if it is as recent as the past eight years, or as distant as the founding of the country and the writing of the constitution.  or even, god forbid, all the way back to greco-roman philosophies, or the collapse of an overreaching empire.

– bring education and arts education back to the forefront.  an education with an arts focus teaches kids to think creatively, to look at a picture as a whole, to see the parts of the picture and analyze how they contribute to the entirety, and to understand the impact the entire picture can make on the person viewing it.  this kind of thinking process and approach to problems is so critical, and so lacking in our current leaders and head honchos it’s just sad.

– no government should manage who we can love or what we do with our own bodies.  as is chalked across many a campus every year on NCOD (National Coming Out Day), love is love is love is love…as our “leaders” are caught practically daily in their extramarital dalliances, in what way does their supposed moral superiority allow them to state that a couple that has existed exclusively and in love for thirty years should not be given the rights he/she was given in marrying their now cheated-upon spouse?  and abortion should always be a choice.  there is supposed to be a separation of church and state (HA yeah right), and if the religion issue were removed from this argument, there would BE no argument. 

– and finally, my own hereby trademarked and copyrighted contribution to american politics, my own little pet idea: TAX JUNK FOOD.  tax it out the wazoo.  give tax credits and subsidies and all that good stuff to organic food makers and consumers.  make a meal at mcdonald’s cost $35.  make a grocery bill at whole foods cost a reasonable amount.  i find it incomprehensible that completely unprocessed, healthy vegetables (ie organic arugula or salad) should cost four times what it costs to get a burger at mcdonald’s.  no WONDER we have an obesity problem in this country.  it boils down to what people can afford, and in tougher economic times we’re more likely to be hitting up the kraft mac & cheese and the burger king and the hunk of lard than a fresh avocado salad with tomato and arugula.  LET krispy kreme go out of business.  i’m tired of seeing people struggling to breathe or walk or play with their children or climb a set of stairs just because they’re so overweight they can’t.  what kind of quality of life are we giving everyone in this country?  show the middle and lower classes that we care about them and their health, make it affordable to eat healthily, instill it from a young age, and let me tell you at least some of our health care problems will go out the door as we will need it less and less with a healthier population.  food for thought.


PS: A Reveal a Secret will be coming tomorrow.  I’m hoping to create a cartoon illustration for it, but unfortunately my workplace does not provide me with the appropriate software to create said illustration.  Inconsiderate of them, no?


3 thoughts on “Political Thoughts

  1. The Rev. says:

    Can’t we just tax fatties themselves and cut out the middle man? If one’s dimensions are greater than A x B x C and/or one weighs more than D, he/she pays three times the normal tax line, perhaps?

    Then again, those ultra-wide seats made for the obese on public transit are quite comfy to lounge in…


  2. The Rev. says:

    Or perhaps we’re being overly cynical and becoming fattists….

  3. Bee Repartee says:

    Outstanding post..

    We should be looking back. A lot can be learned from the current administration on what not to do.

    Education and arts are wholly looked over by the powers that be in Academialand. You have a great big amen from me. Our local art school puts every single school in the district to utter shame when it comes to state assessment tests. Why doesn’t government see this across the nation? Baffling indeed.

    And gay marriage? I admit that I don’t agree with homosexuality, although my gay friends disagree with my hetero-ness. (No, that’s not a word, but just go with it…)

    BUT I am adamant for equal rights to all live warm bodies that walk this planet. Even speaking as someone who frequently reads and believes the Bible, God made us all, and says to love all people, first and foremost. Too bad so many miss that part of scripture.

    When it comes to our own bodies, I’d agree to a point. We have numerous laws that govern what we do with our bodies (e.g. drinking and driving, suicide, drug use, death row executions). I see socioeconomic, psychological, or simply lack of a good biology class as secondary and valid reasons for abortion, although trumped with the first being the scientific truth that life is being extinguished. Those choices, granted very difficult ones, affect more than one body as it puts to death another. I’ve heard the argument that it is a ‘potential of life’ albeit, why then do we attempt to ‘rehabilitate’ sex offenders or murderers if potential is a deciding factor for those with an overwhelmingly small percentage of rehabilitating successes?

    I might also be a little biased (okay, overtly biased) with a life partner that is an outstanding husband and father of four..and he, adopted at birth from a college aged mom and married lawyer dad, neither of which he will ever know.

    We disagree, but I’m open-minded and be okay with that. I’m still bookmarking you, can’t stop me.

    Lastly, tax junk food. You nailed that like a split hog. No pun intended. Tax away on junk food, soda and fast food. Our family eats pro biotic, organic, and from local growers as much as possible but for six people..yikes, that’s a huge bill. I tell myself it’s a trade for medical bills for Doc visits.

    Hey, what’s that Ralph Nader up to? 🙂

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