Well, I Suck

ok so i never got around to posting that cartoon.  i will (hopefully, i am making NO promises) get it up for this week’s reveal a secret.  i am lame.  between going to the gym every day, inviting pete’s family over for dinner, taking the rev out for a congratulations-you-got-accepted-to-EMT-training dinner, and watching it’s always sunny in philadelphia and sarah silverman’s show, i have somehow had absolutely zero hours and nil minutes to get anything productive accomplished. 


today is action-packed as well: over lunch i’m going to *try* to vote, hopefully in my one hour allotment, then i work til six at my normal job, go to register train til about 8 at my new second job, and then go home and eat dinner and maybe work on that cartoon or furthering my life or something equally exciting like sitting on the couch petting patsy.  no gym today, but i have a yoga/pilates combo class tomorrow.  i took yoga last night, with the rev, and that was an experience i wish more of you could have been in on.  i don’t think he’ll look down on yoga or pilates as an “easy” workout anymore, we’ll just say that.  we’ve both become quite addicted to our new gym, which rhymes with shmenty-more power shmitness.  we get all the classes included in our membership fees, along with a sauna and a steam room and a pool and a hot tub, which we have definitely been making full use of.  we swam both days this weekend – i had forgotten what a workout swimming can be.  it’s been good, and we’ve been feeling good because of it.  well, except for my sore hip muscles today from all of those deep forward bends and warrior poses last night.  i’ve got til tomorrow night to recover.  hopefully.


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