Reveal A Secret Thursday XVI, Water Water Everywhere

i never got around to making that cartoon.  maybe someday.  no excuses or anything.  oh, well.  but the secret will remain the same: the rev is cured by approximately four glasses of water of absolutely any ailment.  headache?  drink water.  fever?  drink water.  sore throat?  drink water.  i am sure the man could come down with SARS and drink four glasses of water and be fine.  that or mad cow disease, the avian flu, or quite possibly even the black plague. 


this ability to be so quickly and easily cured makes me quite jealous.  he often fails to understand that his cure-all is not quite applicable to most human beings – every time i am sick or aching or have any sort of problem, he asks how much water i’ve had.  he’s convinced that 98% of sickness is as a direct result of dehydration.  just because he is superhuman and cured by water alone does not mean that all of us just need more water, too.  but if you ever see the rev massaging a temple or with a small cough, start pouring the water.  four glasses and he’ll be back to perfect in no time.


3 thoughts on “Reveal A Secret Thursday XVI, Water Water Everywhere

  1. The Rev. says:

    I felt a little iffy this morning, so I graduated to a bit of green tea; feeling right as rain now (other than a slightly burnt tongue tip)!

    Cheers! (clink clink)

    ps: I’m secretly half robot.

  2. Do net tell him, but he is probably right…I may have to give this a try next time I am feeling under the weather!

  3. Bee Repartee says:

    Maybe it just looks like water. Straight vodka shots will clean out your sinuses better than any NyQuil.

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