Reveal a Secret Thuraturday XVII, Abundant Celebration

the rev can take any small success and turn it into a colossal victory in his life.  in fact, he not only can do it, he constantly does.  throwing a ball of paper across the room and striking a target (usually patsy’s sleeping head) results in demands for HIGH FIVES, C’MON, THAT WAS AWESOME!!  WASN’T THAT AWESOME?!!?  catching a tipping glass results in fist pumps, touchdown arms, and requests for audio on how amazing he is.  then he struts.  this sort of disproportionate excitement over minor life successes occurs, on average, three times a day.  he gets such glee from each of these, it brightens that moment of the day for all around, so he can celebrate these things sixty times a day for all i care…bring it out of him by challenging him to hitting large targets with small paper balls, warning him about something you’re going to intentionally spill, or providing a small object for him to artistically and gracefully jump over, just so he can celebrate yet once more.


One thought on “Reveal a Secret Thuraturday XVII, Abundant Celebration

  1. Bee Repartee says:

    So does he do The Robot? I have it on good authority that victory dances are not complete w.out The Robot.

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