Nothing New to See Here, Move Along, Move Along

there is very little to write about when one works 50-60 hours a week.  much of your time is spent either sleeping, eating, driving to work, driving home from work, or being at work.  there is not much time for inspiring/spunky/titillating stories or happenings to develop.  instead of relaying yet another non-story, i will give you my to-do list for this week:

–  study.  for what, i will reveal at a later date.

–  bake pioneer woman’s pumpkin cake with whiskey whipped cream for tomorrow’s luncheon at work.  make it cute while simultaneously finding a real use for the 6 tiny pumpkins we have in the house.

–  buy whiskey.  (this one should be above the last, probably.)

–  vacuum and dust my upstairs.  dust my downstairs.  maybe mop the kitchen floor. 

–  go to yoga!  my one quiet, wonderfully stretching hour of the week.

–  start re-reading the last harry potter book.  i don’t remember the details and this concerns me, for some reason.

–  attempt to maintain the manicure/pedicure the rev spoiled me with this past saturday morning. 

–  heal the six blisters my new shoes gave me – so that i can wear the shoes again.

–  hoard money for the upcoming visit home, and pray that gas doesn’t double again before that time.

–  plan my first ever made-by-me thanksgiving dinner.  do they sell mini turkeys?  they should.

–  find time to relax.


2 thoughts on “Nothing New to See Here, Move Along, Move Along

  1. Michelle says:

    I like the find time to relax. That should be the #1 thing to do : )

  2. lauren says:

    i know you were being silly with the mini-turkeys thing, but i’m serious, very serious. so, maybe you should try cornish game hens. they’re tastier than chicken and more like a turkey, but not as big!

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