Reveal a Secret Thursday XVIII, Marking his Maker

i am officially outing the rev.  you may have read here that the rev was planning on embarking upon a sober journey, to last forty nine days.  today, as of day thirty, he has been un-sober for….twenty days or so.  not like he’s gone on some binge or anything, but the man loves his maker’s mark or copper flask after dinner every once in a while, and couldn’t resist the temptation that halloween brought.  ooh man he’s going to be mad at me for outing him on this little journey, but i think all bloggers must be held accountable for the things they start and not finish (ie that one time i said i’d write about a news item once a week.  that lasted one week.)  i call on you, internet-land, to challenge him to try again, or try some other challenge.  maybe run a mile a day every day of december?  or to take yoga with me every week?  you can come up with something!  i await your ideas.


5 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thursday XVIII, Marking his Maker

  1. The Rev. says:

    How dare you out me!

    …I’m weak, I know…(head in hands, tears streaming down face)

  2. coltempo says:

    oh please…

  3. I went without coffee for a week and realized I can stop whenever I want ☺ Maybe he should make the length of time smaller…49 days is forever!

  4. coltempo says:

    i haven’t had coffee in over a month now. i have very very little caffeine on even a weekly basis, and am not sure how i am currently breathing – but i did it!

  5. […] on a whiskey-laden napkin. [Sidenote: My 7 week venture into total sobriety did, as many predicted, fail.] Yet when people do begin to mention my lack of activity, I have one of two reactions: I either […]

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