On Road Trips

things that terrify me and maintain a hellish grip over me in the fear that i may encounter them while upon a road trip, on my own, in the dark (in no particular order):

– black ice

– semis with even less of a regard for where my car is on the road than your typical ass hatish semi

– deer who are drawn to headlights

– blockades that squeeze lanes to .75 times their usual width

– unconquerable sleepiness

– no gas stations

– no bathrooms

– no caffeine

– a russian-aimed missile at my XM satellite

– flat tires at 80 mph

– drunk drivers

– blizzards

ok that about covers it, or at least the highlights.  there’s actually probably more…i might worry a lot.  but i wish more people would take a little more seriously the fact that they’re operating a 2000 lb. plus speeding missile down the highway, and we would have a few fewer fatalities.


One thought on “On Road Trips

  1. Katherine says:

    The number one thing I worry about the most on your list are the blockades the squeeze the lanes down. I am always paranoid I am going to hit the sides!

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