Reveal a Secret Thursday XX, Half Caff No Foam

as i have mentioned before, the rev and i are ardent starbucks lovers and goers.  he goes more often than i now – couple a strong desire to sleep in with a lazy attitude towards a (programmable) coffee maker, and you will find the rev at our neighborhood coffee shop on his way to work on a near-daily basis.  i accompany him some mornings, though, and a few anomalies have presented themselves in our trips together.  for one, when the rev does treat me to my morning chai (which is more often than not, to be fair), i am decidedly NOT treated to my morning Old Fashioned Doughnut.  he refuses to help me eat blobs of lard, for some reason, and i am made to shell out the $1.37 for it myself.  the more quirky tendency of the rev relates to his ordering style.  we all have our own little rehearsed lines for starbucks – mine is something along the lines of “a tall/grande nonfat no-water chai.”  not too long, but gets everything in that i need.  the rev’s is rather simpler: “large coffee.”  he steadfastly refuses to bend to the sizing rules of starbucks (tall/grande/venti), and will only say small, medium, or large.  i recently cornered him on why exactly this was, and it turns out that it stems from his fear of turning into “that starbucks guy,” who orders a venti half caff light foam no whip nonfat soy caramel macchiato with an extra shot and also please spit in it for a little flavor.  so a large coffee it is.


2 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thursday XX, Half Caff No Foam

  1. The Rev. says:

    More often than not, the staff seems extremely appreciative of my abbreviated orders; I’m certain they savor that brief moment of relaxation that comes with only having to pull a handle instead of whip together thirteen separate ingredients.

    As for the Starbucks size terminology, the entire idea is completely asinine, and I will never stoop to such a level.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a large coffee upon which to sip. (Hat tip)

  2. I just refuse to become one of “those” that places the order with a specific temperature! That begs for spit:)

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