Jealousy…I Haz It

i’ve been perfectly happy with my little LG chocolate (in the dark red, to match my purse) since i got it a few months ago.  it’s the most high-tech phone i’ve ever had, takes good pictures, is the right size and feels good in my hand (for some reason a very important thing for me).  and yet, when the rev came home with a new phone a few nights ago – his razr was maintaining a battery life of 25 minutes on average, so it was time for an upgrade – suddenly my little phone is not looking quite so sweet.  behold, the sweetness that is the rev’s new phone:

nary a keypad or keyboard in sight…all touchscreen, all the time.  not only that, but the battery is at about 65 hours on one charge right now and going strong.  LG phones are the way to go…and i might go this same way in a few months or so.  note to all related readers: i don’t want this for christmas.  unless you find a really good deal.


One thought on “Jealousy…I Haz It

  1. The Rev. says:

    Fourth day on a single charge….still truckin’ along!


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