see all of those blog links on the right side of the screen there?  i check all of those, and i mean all (and then some) at LEAST once a day.  usually, it’s more like seven times.  haveyouupdatedyet?  haveyouupdatedyet?  haveyouupdatedyet?  i might not (ever) comment on your blog, but i most def read it.  and i have expectations of other bloggers – expectations that involve posting at least once daily, if not more, as i spend much of my day putzing around the interweb seeking entertainment that does not involve me spending money (which btw i found a tiffany bracelet for a steal on craigslist in orange county, who wants to buy it for me?).  yet for some reason i can’t get my act together to uphold MY end of the bargain, and because of it i’m paranoid that i’m losing all four of my loyal readers.  this past week has been a bit of a breather for a relatively real reason: i did want lucky to remain foremost for a bit, the one small thing i could do for a cat who was the best pet i’ve possibly ever had.  but all these other breaks, they are lame. 

so here i sit at my receptionist desk, a space heater warming my feet, wordless christmas music on an honest-to-god cassette tape, mindlessly answering the phone and blog surfing, with nothing to really write about.  today i was personally effed by the economy for the first real time (so far i’m doing ok, holding down two jobs as compared to many people’s none), as a job i had really – and i mean REALLY – wanted was reconfigured to a qualification level that i no longer meet, as a result of budget restructuring.  i guess that’s better than getting the job, moving across the country, and then being let go.  so the rev and i are still plugging away here in memphis – he is getting ready for a weekend trip to see his brother and his family and his other younger brother, so i have picked up two additional shifts at my part-time job on saturday alone to pass the time rather than sit alone with patsy on the sofa.  next week we will go together to kansas city for the holiday.  i have an appointment in the morning for the simultaneously most mundane and most exciting thing – getting my transmission flushed!  a bonus is helping finance this, and it will give me such peace of mind.  i guess that’s the sign of being a grown-up: when you take surplus money and do practical things with it, rather than go out and get a new coach wallet or one really good meal out.  that largely sums up the humdrum details of things as they are right now…stay tuned in case something mayjah pops up!

3 thoughts on “Delinquent

  1. Chris says:

    check Google Reader…it’s pretty awesome…you no longer have to check your favorite blogs over and over again…it tells you when they update! so I know when you and the rev are active

  2. The Rev. says:

    Wal Mart? Has Sam Walton risen from the grave?

  3. coltempo says:

    i’ll have to look into that, though i will confess that part of the fun is checking…all that built-up anticipation!

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