Zazu Zazu

i’m all aloooone, there’s no one heeeeere…

it’s just patsy and me holding down the home front while rev and his two brothers frolic in warm, warm jacksonville.  that’s ok, i’ll just be slaving away over here while you go to the zoo and go bowling and EAT PANERA I HATE YOU….i mean..i miss you, biggz!

also, in more serious news, while i mentioned the other day that the economy had kind of sort of affected me by not giving me an awesome job, now it has hard core most definitely affected me as it took away my main job this wednesday night.  and no, i wasn’t surfing porn at work or something equally egregious.  realty is just not really the field to be in right now (though what field is?  will someone tell me?  that is, if you don’t want to go into healthcare…) and there was just no money to justify my office keeping me on.  it came from on high (the same on high that drives around memphis in their cherry red bentley convertible but that’s neither here nor there) and there was nothing to be done.  i was told at 5:55 pm, and that was that, my time there was done – i packed up my things, and left.  rather abrupt.  this hasn’t been my week, but i’m trying to take this on as an opportunity and a challenge to find something more appropriate to my educational background and interests and ambitions.  hopefully such a thing is open and available to me right now.  yeah, here’s hoping.

3 thoughts on “Zazu Zazu

  1. Bee Repartee says:

    Well, that just STINKS. You are so optimistic though, very commendable. I hope the perfect position finds you, inspires you, gives you room to grow, and gives you a fat wallet in the process. Here’s to the best days ahead…

  2. Jenn says:

    Sorry sweets. The same is happening in my field too. When will you be back in KC?

  3. coltempo says:

    i’ll be in on christmas eve til that sunday, i’ll call you!

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