Here Comes ’09

happy back-to-reality!  all year you build up and build up to christmas, and then poof it’s over and it’s back to the same old.  although for me, luckily, the same old does NOT include unemployment lines and an extended period of much ramen, because i got a JOB!  the night i got let off i first got in my car and screamed an extended obscenity, then drove myself home to mope, and then quickly transitioned into looking for jobs and sending out applications.  i should mention that the rev played his doting part well by drawing a hot bath for me with bubbles and essentially forcing me to get in and not panic.  well, the next afternoon i got a phone call asking for an interview on one of my applications, and i interviewed that same day.  the interview went well.  that was thursday.  tuesday – less than a week after being laid off – i was hired.  to call it a relief is an understatement.  next monday i start on that adventure; and to follow up on my hopes from my previous post, this does seem to be something that will be more applicable to my interests and background.

so that’s that….annnnyway, here’s a highlight from our christmas vacation back to kansas city, in which the rev posed for a photo shoot a la those cheesy emotion posters your elementary school guidance counselors surely had up in their offices:


the emotions are, from left to right then top to bottom: happy, asleep, pensive, frightened, surprised, full-of-camaraderie, slightly depressed, constipated, rebuking, an attempt at threatening, beatific (get me as beatific!  look, this is my beatific look!), and all smiles.  the man is a ham.


3 thoughts on “Here Comes ’09

  1. The Rev. says:

    Ham I am-

    When the hell did I grow a seven-head?? (Sigh…)

  2. Michelle says:

    Congrats on your new job!!! It was meant to be : )

  3. Jules says:

    Congrats Katie! I knew you would. You’re Swells!

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