I’m Not Dead Yet! I Feeeeel Happppyyy, I Feeeeel Happppyyyy!

wow, i haven’t posted in about forever.  doing just fine over here though, adjusting to a new rhythm and schedule – i started my new job this past monday, so there’s a good bit of getting used to new work hours, new desk, new people.  so far it’s going very well.  much more mentally challenging than what i had been doing previously.  it also enables me to get to my second job an hour earlier each shift, which will be a nice extra padding on that check – good all around.

the rev, however, is not having the greatest start to the new year.  on new year’s morning we learned of the passing of his remaining grandfather, 83 years young and very close to the rev especially as they saw each other often while the rev attended college nearby.  he was a wonderful man who i was only privileged to meet once – he was a massachusetts native and a lifelong red sox fan, held on to his accent despite living in new york and florida, and was exceedingly generous.  now he’s with his wife of 50+ years, and we have to learn to get along without him.  we’d appreciate your thoughts this weekend as the rev and his family lay him to rest.

just a short update tonight, but i promise to try to get more into the swing of things again…tomorrow i’m working from 8:30 am to 12:00 am, so i might not post tomorrow, but after that, oh, after that!  there will be things.  good things.


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