Reveal a Secret Thursday XXI, .07 Ton Man

to all of his “real life” (as opposed to internet-land) friends, this is no reveal a secret.  the rev is obsessed, and i mean to an almost unhealthy degree, with any show that airs on TLC, discovery, discovery health, or really anywhere that involves the morbidly obese or super morbidly obese.  these shows have the lovely titles of “half ton mom” or “half ton teen” and showcase the lives (and sometimes deaths) of these 700+ pound people.  in a stunning feat of stomach strength, the rev will sit in front of the television completely enraptured with these shows as he eats his dinner.  he knows these subjects by name and some of their biography.  he follows their stories off the air, too, and mourns their deaths and celebrates their weight losses.  my personal opinion: as a man who has recently shed a great deal of weight himself (50 lbs), the rev watches these shows as a sort of red-flag reminder of what could happen should he let himself have that one box of pizza rolls or should he not go run for 3 hours at the gym.  i think, too, for him it’s just a fascination – i like going to museums and staring at works of beauty and history, he likes to watch TLC and stare at the morbidly obese.  to each his own, right?


2 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thursday XXI, .07 Ton Man

  1. Still a bit upset that I missed the premier of Half Ton Teen, but they’ll show it again….hopefully.

    I can’t help it…the stuff absolutely fascinates me.

  2. I am starting to worry about our rev 🙂

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