Reveal a Secret Thursday XXII, Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

the rev. has yet another compulsion i must share with you, as it is slowly taking over my refrigerator and pantry: he is addicted, and i mean ADDICTED, to salsa.  for christmas my mom bestowed a target gift card upon him, and he spent one fifth of it on four different salsa varieties from the archer farms brand.  then we had to do an official taste test – twice.  the first was at our house.  he was giddy with excitement, literally rubbing his hands together in glee as he considered all of the salsa wonderment coming his way.  he also bought three varieties of chips (blue corn, white, and multigrain) so as to be a discriminating taste-tester.  i have this on video, but here is a picture of round one of taste testing:


the large glass of beer was, obviously, the palate cleanser.  round two commenced the next night at a friend’s house, with multiple people weighing in to rank the various flavors.  my personal favorite, the salsa verde, ranked last with the rev. but first or second with many of our friends (victory is mine!).  now here is the part that reveals his true addiction: despite having these four jars of salsa in the refrigerator, in the past two weeks or so the rev. has purchased not one, not two, but THREE different alternatives.  so, as of this moment, we have seven (7) jars of salsa in our refrigerator.  last night when i arrived home late after working both jobs, i snuggled down on the couch for a game of scrabble with the rev.  looking at him as he told a story, i had to reach over to pluck a chip crumb from his whiskers – vehement denials of his salsa consumption streamed forth, but were confirmed because he was at the same time clutching his stomach from laughing so hard.  tonight we are having a mexican food night at our house with friends, and i hereby commission all of them to eat some of our salsa – god knows we have enough.


7 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thursday XXII, Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

  1. Salsa?

    Someone say salsa?? (Sniffing the air feverishly…)

  2. Dont even THINK about putting salsa in my delicate cups! But chips I can handle! 🙂

  3. speedcathollydale says:

    Salsa???????? I LOVE salsa!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gimme some …….. taking all salsa

    >>>>>>>>>> RUNNING OUT >>>>>>>>>> 🙂

  4. speedcathollydale says:

    Is there a bra over here too?

  5. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    You know, in some respects, I would wonder if my gift card had actually been spent in a way that was both meaningful and useful to the recipient. And had I just been told that it was invested in salsas (with no further explanation) might have actually led me to believe that perhaps it had been misspent. But reading this entire description of the episode leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy that I might have actually enabled some hugely immense, but somewhat bewildering, amount of joy and happiness. There is nothing more I could ask for. Except maybe the decision as to the best variety since I, too, love both Archer Farms and Salsa.
    Oh, by the way, NOT FIRST.

  6. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    Olga really needs to come here next. I could take her so many places,… She’d never be the same.

  7. You must send me your address! I hear we have the best salsa around at this little Mexican dive in town. When we lived out of state hubs mom would ship him jars of it because he loved it so. He uses it to marinate, as a dip, everything. It is a little hot for me though:)

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