RE: My Newly-Acquired Military Ranking

last fall, as we ate a meal with some of the rev’s many aunts (or perhaps all of them, actually), one questioned me about the origins of my blog name (“col tempo” = with time in italian, and part of a saying by da vinci).  i explained, and she expressed her confusion when she saw my blog linked from her beloved nephew’s, believing that the “col” was actually short for Colonel, as in the military ranking.  this thinking caught on, with the rev proceeding to constantly refer to me as “the colonel” and “the good colonel,” which then spread to our new house guest’s blog mistress over at Olga, the Traveling Bra.  not only that, he now calls me the colonel when we are just sitting around home, and i have to say – i kind of like it.  it makes me feel rather authoritative.  the only problem will occur when we get our first dog, as the name the rev has pre-chosen includes the title of colonel.  maybe the dog could be my lieutenant?


4 thoughts on “RE: My Newly-Acquired Military Ranking

  1. The Rev. says:

    Hmmm…well played, Colonel. Well played.

    Is that the corpse of Col. Sanders, by the way? You know they stuffed him and put him on display in the original KFC restaurant, similar to those creepy Ronald McDonald plastic statues.

    Would I lie??

  2. They stuffed the corpse of the colonel? Yikes! The things I learn from the tow of you! Thanks for the info..this post explains so much:)

  3. kderrick says:

    He’s not stuffed! He’s buried right near my grandma in Louisville! Thanks for the shoutout to my homeland peeps, Katie 🙂 And I even live two doors down from a KFC/Taco Bell franchise. The Colonel is everywhere.

  4. Michelle says:

    I love the nickname!!

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