Happy Day One to BabybelBeadle

dear tiny beadle baby,

i’m not lucky enough, babybel, to rush to your side (like auntie katherine and auntie kate, not to be confused with me, auntie katie), but i AM able to write you your first internet-based letter post-birth!  you’ve made it one whole day in this crazy world, and it’s only going to get crazier – and i’m not talking like oh, man, our economy is spiraling out of control and what those crazy foreigners out there are up to, i’m talking like oh, man, wait til you really meet your parents…

i met your mommy in college, five and a half years ago (holy crap), and she is awesome.  your mom is so openminded.  she’s the first to always argue the alternative, play the devil’s advocate, and think of others.  she’s loyal to a fault.  but i’m sure now that you’re reading this at age 12 or whatever, you are thinking: BORING.  you want the dirt, right?  your mom was always the one to bring the party, too – i have strong memories (perhaps so strong because i have pictures – call me) of her swigging andre champagne (something i as your auntie must recommend you NOT DO) straight from the bottle.  she was one of few who was willing to stand up on tables, chairs, and/or window sills at WZLY parties to dance – she always knew how to work it out.  in rather tame evidence, i offer:


ghetto fabulous, right?  i’m sure this is quite tame and all in your day, but trust…your mom can represent.  she rocked the big shades before they were…big….and she always rolled deep in her saturn, running us all the way to framingham and stuff.

your dad, i know less.  i got as much dirt on him from auntie katherine, who always has the inside scoop, that i could, and i met him when your mommy and daddy got married.  and the one thing i’ve not only heard time and again but now witnessed is this: should your mom and dad be stranded on the side of a torrentially flowing ravine, and there were no bridge, your father would most likely string himself across so that your mom could walk across and stay dry and safe.  in a word, he adores her.  BORING, i know.  and probably a little GROSS thrown in.  but it’s true.  as for dirt, i don’t have much…but as your mom can, your dad can get down.  and i mean get DOWN, check it out:


he was trying to intimidate your cousin evie via dance-off.  she had none of it, just for the record.  but what i really want you to know is that the entire day and night of the wedding i saw a whole lot of this:


your dad was always right by your mom’s side, and see that contact?  he never stopped in keeping his hand on her back, gently guiding her from guest to guest, table to table, making sure she was comfortable, had her drink, and always knew he was there.  and though i don’t know him well, i have a feeling he’ll be doing the same for you – offering a hand, being a guide, offering advice and affection unbounded.  and your mom, oh what your mom will give you.  i’ll leave it to you to figure that out, but it’s a lot of good things.  very good.

and one last thing…welcome to wellesley, class of 2031!  we’re glad to have you.  but really, we’re just glad to have you here, safe, and awfully smushy and tiny.  i can’t wait to meet you and do what i do best – take a bajillion pictures.  get ready.

img00135(pic courtesy of auntie kate)

❤ auntie katie


3 thoughts on “Happy Day One to BabybelBeadle

  1. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    Awww…. Welcome BabyBelBeadle! You have a lot of great aunties, and I think this letter from Auntie Katie is especially special!

  2. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    Oh, and PS – there’s always Mount Holyoke if Wellesley is not to your liking!!!

  3. Katherine says:

    I laughed, I cried! Thanks Auntie Katie.

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